Design meets Digital

Design meets Digital

Inspirational night for interior architects and designers on digital application

Last month, Association of interior architects Belgium - ainb launched INSITU, a series of high-profile lectures and state-of-the-art workshops.

We are very proud that this first edition was organized in collaboration with Conceptexpo!

Computational design is impacting the whole construction industry while empowering designers like never before. We can imagine a more sustainable future by optimizing resources while challenging materials and exploring shapes that were, until recently, impossible to build.

In this first workshop at Conceptexpo, Marc Martinez, architect and computational design expert at NCBHAM and Thomas Blake, Co-CEO of Conceptexpo showed us how to push boundaries of what is possible.

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Relive the atmosphere of this evening and rewatch the presentation by Mauro Brigham, Marc Martinez and Thomas Blake on the AINB youtube channel.

Photo's: Atelier Minhuy