Arrangement of trading spaces

Show-room, pop-up store, shop, consultation office, etc. 

For an independent, an SME or a multinational, we design spaces to promote products, a brand, a service, etc.
Our part can begin as soon as the place’s concept is defined. In this case, based on a briefing, our design office creates a mood board which will define the direction of the project.

If the ambience and furnishings are already defined, our architects study the space and work on implementation and investment proposals.

If the concept and plans are already pre-determined by the client, our technical development office acts as integrator of technical solutions and then transfers its “production recipes” to our different studios. Our assembly team takes over, covering finalisation, installation of air-con, site securisation and positioning of furniture. 

Minimising stress for our customers, meeting budgets and deadlines and avoiding periods of inactivity are our key objectives in the implementation phase.

With layouts ranging from simple to more refined, with state-of-the-art or avant-garde technologies, and with the use of specific craft techniques, we do not have a “Conceptexpo style”. Each project is unique.

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