Need to improve the effectiveness of your events marketing?

Need to improve the effectiveness of your events marketing?

This is the goal of our new ‘Cxpo Event’ department!

Building a stand at a trade fair, redeveloping a retail space, organising a conference or an event for a product launch... each of the projects you’ve decided to undertake is the result of a choice and is sometimes a significant investment.

If so, it seems logical and fundamental to measure the return on investment (ROI) and implement policies to increase it as much as possible. It is recongised that for the vast majority of businesses, this task is not so simple...

It is precisely for this reason that Conceptexpo has set up its new ‘Cxpo Event’ department.  Its goal is to equip you with a series of tools that will allow you to boost your marketing effectiveness.


After you’ve defined your marketing goals and met them, implement digital marketing actions.

  • Data collection
  • Customers behavoir analysis
  • Product placement analysis
  • Digital presence
  • Lead generation
  • Prospect tracking
  • Inbound marketing
  • Social media activation
  • Market study

Choosing ‘good suppliers’ and coordinating them well are crucial to the successful organisation of your event. 

Since these activities are extremely time-consuming, Conceptexpo offers to be your project leader. Our 30 years of experience means we know many trusted vendor but also know how to choose one whose services best meet your expectations.  Basically, we manage your event from start to finish.

People support
  • On-site manager
  • Team training
  • Photographer
  • Animations
  • Hostess, security,

Technical equipment
  • Audiovisual
  • Catering
  • Give-aways
  • Nomadic stands,..

  • Storage
  • Material, handling & cleaning
  • Booking of transport ans accomodation

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