100% tailor-made contract for Eternit - Batibouw

100% tailor-made contract for Eternit - Batibouw

An identical architectural language in time that cleverly integrates the evolution of the marketing goals.

The objective of that ‘product orientated’ project was to define an affirmed architectural concept that presents ‘roofing’ and ‘facade’ products in situation.  That presentation ‘framework’ had to be conceived for use at several editions of the expo, while being adaptable to the use experience and the marketing approach.

While keeping an identical concept over several years is financially interesting , it also has the advantage of reassuring the visitors with a strong identity and at the same time surprising them with new products and communication concepts.

For this project we have created a ‘spine’ based on specific and re-usable structures, developed completely tailor-made. Without destructuring the project, the adaptation of the graphic communication and the addition/removal of structural elementshelp it evolving to meet new restrictions and objectives. Some 2/3 of the stand elements are re-used year after year.

The concept was created with the objective of using the space to present a maximum of products. Concretely, no less than 400 m2 of products are exhibited on a ground surface of 360 m2. Knowing that overall the product/surface ratio is around 10% and in this project exceeds 100% it is fair to say that the space is used well...

Concretely, how does the project evolve according to the marketing needs?
For this 2016 edition, the product display surface has slightly decreased to provide a larger penetration zone on the stand. 

Presentation of the products was emphasised through the creation of new ‘display libraries’ and visual tools.

New displays were created to emphasise the slate product. Displays that present its use in roofing and vertical covering, and others that demonstrate the innovating and aesthetic process of the SOLESIA photovoltaic system, fully integrated in a slate roof. SOLESIA has been specially highlighted this year. Demonstrating the real energy efficiency of that photovoltaic process was part of the marketing objectives associated to the product.  For that purpose, applications linked to iPads enable building candidates to simulate the annual electricity production based on their projected roofing.

Batibouw 2016
Batibouw 2015
Undoubtedly a real ‘product experience’ to be discovered in Hall 5 this year.
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