A trade fair engraved in the Conceptexpo DNA...A trade fair engraved in the Conceptexpo DNA...

D - 3 months before the new edition of Batibouw. A key moment for Conceptexpo that has been organising the presence of many exhibitors for more than 20 years.

Twenty years in which, for several months, our teams live, breathe, eat and speak Batibouw with a single goal: to make every presence a success.
 It is for that reason that in 2015, Conceptexpo has invested in a study1 to assess the effectiveness of a presence, but also to define the keys for improvement.

Batibouw, a key presence for exhibitors.

The GFK study* shows that the visit to a stand has a positive impact on the brand image and the behaviour of visitors in their buying process (buying intention, being able to talk with those around them, consulting the website and social media, going to a distributor,...). That impact is even greater if the stand is appreciated.

It is also clear that a presence allows to reach a public audience that did not intend to visit the stand before entering the trade fair. The public is even greater if it is attracted to the stand.  

The appreciation of a stand has therefore a real influence on the number of contacts and the impact of a visit.

Giacomini - Batibouw 2016- conceptexpo- stand construction - stand opbouwing - stand construction

How to design an effective stand? 

According to the study, the elements that influence the appreciation of a stand are variable.

They depend mainly on brand awareness, the relationship with the brand and the visitor’s purchase intent. Based on this, the emphasis must be the originality of the stand, the set-up, its general atmosphere, information, animations...

Taking into account your marketing objectives and that information in the creative process allows to design an effective stand.

The stand of course, is only an element which will ensure an effective presence... 

Is your presence at Batibouw not organised yet? 

It is not too late, but don't waste time...

From 15m² to 500 m², every stand is unique.  It must be a reflection of your corporate image and serve your marketing goals... within the budget you want to allocate. 

Krefel - Batibouw 2016- conceptexpo- stand construction - stand opbouwing - stand construction
Kupperbush - Batibouw 2016- conceptexpo- stand construction - stand opbouwing - stand construction

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will study a suitable stand concept.

Do you require more information on the study "Effectiveness of trade fairs and conventions”? 

Do not hesitate to contact us.

*Study ©GfK Belgium? Utility vehicles Trade Fair and Batibouw 2015*
- Analysis of marketing effectiveness of 12 premium stands at the Car show (utility vehicles) and Batibouw.
- Stands evaluated at the Car show (utility vehicles): Citroën, Hyundaï, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Seat, Toyota, Volkswagen 
- Stands evaluated at Batibouw: Durabrik, Eternit, Sapa, Total, Velux
- 2,602 persons were interviewed in person.