Integrated services

The real specificity of Conceptexpo is that, from design to installation, everything is done in-house.
No fewer than 100 experts come together, some creating the design, others drawing, decorating, and assembling and others setting things up.

This internal control over the different stages of a project ensures better control over quality, deadlines and budgets while offering more flexibility. 


Design office (in-house architects) 

Creation of a stand, a pop-up store, a pharmacy, a museum – based on your briefing and/or specifications. Your Account Manager will work with our architects and interior designers to design an effective project reflecting your marketing goals and your corporate identity. 
To help your decision, projects are in most cases made in 3D.

Technical development office 

At this stage, the developers of our technical development office transform the images, plans and specifications drawn up by the architectural office into recipes for production. 
The main challenge lies in the study of different materials, techniques and methodologies to use to undertake the project. Apart from the technical challenges, staying within your budget often falls under their objectives. They must find technical solutions to see through our architects’ creative ideas while remaining “in line with different requirements.” Their plans are then transferred to our carpentry, metal construction and painting studios who breathe life into furnishings.


Carpentry studio

In this 15 strong team, technicians and skilled cabinet makers/carpenters work on all types of wood and undertake planned projects. 
Technicians programme and operate digital cutting machines and then hand over to carpenters who “refine” materials and assemble them with precision. 
The work of our carpenters gives free reign to our architects’ imagination and enables the creation of fully customised architectural features and furnishings. These elements fully contribute to a project’s uniqueness.

Painting studio

A painting booth for painting wood and metal, and a surface treatment space for large volumes, the painting studio simply had to be added to our carpentry workshops to ensure your fittings live up to your ambitions.

Metal production studio (Ceuster studio) 

Incorporated into the Conceptexpo group for nearly 15 years, the studio works on steel, aluminium, stainless steel and brass. 
With a team of nearly 20 people, it has exceptional machinery including a laser cutting machine, punching machine and press brake, all digital and driven by technical developers. 
With the Natural History Museum, Rolex shop and Mercedes stand (to name but a few), this studio participates in the creation of many projects entirely entrusted to Conceptexpo. Owing to its technicality and its experience in customisation, it is also occasionally involved in specific projects on an independent basis. This includes “prototyping for aeronautics”, a monumental chandelier for a restaurant in New York, etc.

Set up


In our trade, complying with deadlines is an imperative. Everything is timed, planned and organised by a team of over 20 people who manage the transport, assembly and disassembly of our sites.
Our storage area of over 6,000m2 allows us to keep our own equipment but also our clients’ who have invested in the purchase of a stand.
With lorries or trailers, our 16 vehicle fleets allows us to manage transportation on site.

Supervision and coordination of the project

Integration of audiovisual material, graphics, animations, catering, conferences, TV sets, installation of client products, etc. Because Conceptexpo’s role goes beyond the design and construction of a stand, our project managers coordinate between our internal services and all other external stakeholders involved in a project.

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