Green process

For many years, Conceptexpo has been part of discussions and a process reducing the ecological impact of its activities on the environment

Some concrete illustrations of our daily procedures:

  • Choice of materials based on their degree of reuse, recycling and/or their lifecycle. 
  • Sound management of waste. After conducting specific sorting in-house, four specialised companies ensure its removal in our studios. 
  • Use of recycled products. 
  • Streamlined production to limit scrap and waste.
  • Investment in high-performance machines (reduction of operating time and amount of waste generated).
  • Traceability of suppliers. 
  • Establishment of ‘long term’ client contracts to reuse customised, tailor-made material.
  • 2,500 m² of photovoltaic panels installed on our buildings allow us to meet almost half our own energy needs.
  • Raising awareness among staff. 
  • As a minor detail, lack of “personal” waste at Conceptexpo also ensures sorting of everyone’s “minor” waste. 

With this credible environmental policy, Conceptexpo recently initiated the process for obtaining ISO 20121 certification (standard for sustainable events management). 

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