What we do

Exhibition booth design | Layout of retail and musea

For over 25 years, Conceptexpo has been enhancing  brands and products by creating development and communication projects in space. This is the case in Belgium and across the world and for the private and institutional sector.

If our primary activity has long been the design and creation of STANDS for trade fairs and exhibitions, over time, and in response to specific requests, it has expanded to the development of RETAIL SPACES. Of these, fitting out pharmacies occupies an important place since we have developed very specific expertise in this area. However, we also organise shops, showrooms, pop-up stores and other points of sale. 

Not to mention our third product, MUSEOLOGY, a sector in which we have had excellent credentials for some years. 

Conceptexpo is above all a unique competence centre which, thanks to its integrated services, facilitates “total” control of projects, from design to construction. Around 100 experts have varied skills but always follow the same mantra, that of throwing themselves into each project by being creative and flexible enough to meet our clients’ challenges and satisfying them with a high quality service.

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