ISO 9001 Certification

Our certification covers all fields of our activity. 

Continuous quality improvement is primarily a state of mind. For more than 10 years, Conceptexpo’s controls, measures and analysis have been guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification.

In practical terms, the certification guides us in the analysis and continual improvement of our methods and processes.
Compliance with our quality manual, procedures, instructions and templates ensures we operate efficiently.

What are the benefits for you? 

  • The completion of projects often involves many stakeholders, technical, logistical and time-based constraints, etc. Certification above all offers you a reassuring framework: 
  • The guarantee of documentation and a structured process.
  • Detailed monitoring and successful project completion, regardless of any team changes.
  • Perfect deadline management. 
  • Transparency and compliance with the budget presented.
Unique in our industry in Belgium, our certification covers all areas of our activity from design to installation.

System certification - ISO 9001


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