Turnkey-style" smart stand

This solution allows you to choose 12.18 or 24m² stands the structure of which is defined. 

Firstly, choose one of the four pre-defined ambiances (TRENDY - ECO – CLASSIC – TECHNICAL).  

Then customise your stand by selecting the options:
  • carpet
  • colour of pannels
  • integration of graphic elements
  • TV screen
  • etc.
This solution is more economical than the ‘SMART’ stand, which is completed by our architects based on your brief. This solution can also be useful if your event takes place in a tight timeframe. It should be noted that the stand is assembled and disassembled by Conceptexpo teams.

In practice:

Once your choices are made via the order form (without commitment), an account manager will contact you to assist you in executing the finished project (delivery of equipment for printing, assembly/disassembly organisation, etc.).

If you need help in your choices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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