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Based on your briefing, architects at the design office realise a personalised project which is efficient in terms of budget:

  • They use furniture as well as existing standard constructions which are “modular” but qualitative. The choice is still wide in terms of materials used (fabrics, matrix panels, wood, etc.) and shapes. 
  • Your corporate identity is integrated into graphic communication.
  • Graphic communication is printed directly onto construction elements. 
  • An account manager oversees the realisation of the project.

If the SMART stand solution remains the most economical in terms of stands designed by our architects, we also offer you two other “solutions” which are even more economical and still meet Conceptexpo quality standards.

Turn-key stand solutions

A choice of stands assembled/disassembled by Conceptexpo, the construction of which is defined and customisable on the basis of options and graphics.

Turnkey-style" smart stand, more info & order

Our portable and transportable solutions 

Umbrella stands, wall imagery fabric, roll-ups, banners, etc. We offer qualitative solutions which are easy to transport and assemble, and are resistant and durable. 
Ideal for your smaller national or international events.
Our portable and transportable solutions

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