From 10 to 5.000 m², 3 types of stands are offered…

Our stand solutions

From 10 to 5.000m², depending on your budget and services requested, we offer 3 types of stands:

Their common features

  • Quality of construction and service. 
  • Integration of your brand’s DNA and your marketing goals. 
  • Compliance with your budget and deadlines. 
  • Green process orientation. 
  • One shot or recurrent (storage & packaging for reuse). 
  • In Belgium or worldwide.

What are the differences ?

The level of personalisation of constructions and furnishings. 

For a ‘limited’ budget, our architects work with standard constructions which they personalise through qualitative graphic communication (SMART stand). The increase in available budget allows the integration of architectural elements and customised furnishings made only for a stand (SYSTEM stand). These elements strengthen brand identification. If the budget allows, layout and furnishings are fully personalised and made to measure to create a unique project (PROJECT stand). The whole concept then reflects the corporate identity.

Conceptexpo involvement in the organisation and the event. 

Very often, our role goes beyond the design and construction of a stand and extends to the coordination of other services related to the event: management of activities, conferences, catering, hostesses, creation of an exhibitor catalogue, etc. If the customer wants a “one stop shopping” service, Conceptexpo will be involved in the entire project organisation.